About me and my life at the Costa Blanca

About me and my life at the Costa Blanca

Dreaming of Spain

My name is Christel. After years of dreaming and making plans, I have been living with my family since August 2018 in La NucĂ­a. I am married to Marc and I am the mother of a twin, Lisanne and Jasper. I am a graduated lawyer in constitutional and administrative law and I have worked for 11 years as a civil servant at the Ministry of Justice. Since 2002 I have been coming to Spain every year, especially to the Costa Blanca. It was the necessary “vitamin S” in recent years. A moment to recover from the daily hectic pace and yet, how predictable, the often lesser weather in the Netherlands. Although I certainly feel at home in the Netherlands, I still wanted to emigrate. The sunny weather and the possibility to buy a nice, detached house with swimming pool for relatively little money convinced Marc and me. Nevertheless, I will really miss Zwolle, where we lived until recently. I met nice people there and I will certainly miss them. Of course I hope to meet nice new people in Spain. Fortunately, I speak Spanish and that is the starting point for a successful emigration.

My blog about the Costa Blanca and Spain.

In my blog you can read about the emigration of me and my family, but I will also share tourist information about the Costa Blanca. And why the Costa Blanca is a nice place to spend your vacation. I have seen and experienced a lot here, but I also do not know all the amusement parks, monuments and animal parks. After all these years there is still plenty to discover for me. I hope I can make you enthusiastic to visit the Costa Blanca once. Who knows, you might be so happy about the Costa Blanca that you want to live there too. In the latter case you can certainly contact me. I can provide you with a lot of information about the Costa Blanca and in particular La Nucia.

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In conclusion, after reading my blog, you also become enthusiastic to visit the Costa Blanca, it is possible to stay in our holiday home. We are happy to receive you!

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Finally you can follow me on Instagram, where I regularly post pictures about my life here. See: https://www.instagram.com/chrisholthuizen/

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