Hello everybody! Welcome to my blog about Spain.

Hello everybody! Welcome to my blog about Spain.

The Spanish dream

This is the start of my blog about Spain. For over 14 years I have been coming to Spain on a regular basis. Most of my holidays I have spend at the Costa Blanca. It is a beautiful area with pretty much the best climate in Europe, at least if you like a lot of sunshine. A nice breeze from the Mediterranean keeps it cool even in the warm summer months.

For a long time I thought about what I wanted to share about my Spain experiences that I have already gained. At the Costa Blanca, with Benidorm as a tourist hotspot, many people think of a retirement home for the elderly. To a large extent that is also simply true, especially in the winter. In my blog I will share my ideas and advices for travelling with (young) children to the Costa Blanca. A lot of activities are new for me too, because with my children I have to visit amusement and animal parks, as well as aqua parks. Spain has a lot to offer for families and I will show that to you.

The planning of the emigration to Spain

In the summer of 2018, an emigration is planned to the Costa Blanca. We already bought our house in 2015. It is now our regular holiday address, but soon our permanent home address. By that time I will also write more about my experiences as an emigrant with young children. When I live in Spain, I hope to make beautiful trips with my children. In time I will also share my experiences about other regions in Spain and I will write about it in my blog. Finally, I will share stories about my emigration to Spain.

Note: I started this blog in my own language, Dutch. It will take some time before all my messages will be translated. In de meantime you can follow me also on Instagram. My posts on Instagram are all in English. See: https://www.instagram.com/chrisholthuizen/

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