The Mercadona and cosmetics products

The Mercadona and cosmetics products

The Spanish supermarket

Although my blog is not about fashion and beauty, I just want to say something about it in this post. Since my emigration to Spain I have had to say goodbye to my favourite drugstore. I always bought a lot of my shower gels, creams and shampoos there. And if I granted myself a little more luxury, I would go to the Rituals. But Spain is different. Here you can get a lot of premium brands of cosmeticsat the Carrefour or at the perfumery, for example Druni. For exampe I have discovered the Mercadona, a typical Spanish supermarket. This supermarket sells particularly its own line of cosmetics.

What makes the products of the Mercadona good?

All products that this Spanish supermarket sells are luxury. They smell nice and, more importantly, they do what they have to do. And above all: they are not too expensive. In fact, the products are cheap. However these products don’t give you that impression. For example, I have found a wonderful shampoo against dry hair. Due to the many hours of sunshine, swimming in chlorinated water and the sea air, my hair dries out quickly. The Mercadona has a whole collection of items for dry and damaged hair. Ideal! But I also buy shower gels, body creams and scrub creams here. I love the body cream based on the olive. No more dry skin! I actually buy almost everything for my face and body at this Spanish supermarket. Therefore I can recommend this supermarket for anyone who emigrates to Spain or stays in Spain for a longer (holiday) time.

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