More about La Nucia

More about La Nucia

The first impression of La Nucia.

La Nucía is the village where we (Marc, Christel, Lisanne and Jasper) live. It is a quiet village and the village is in the hinterland of Benidorm which means it has no beach. However, this does not make this village less attractive to live in in. For instance, in this village live a lot a people from nothern Europa. Futhermore, it takes us less than 10 minutes by car to the beach in Altea. We prefer to swim in a pool rather than in the sea. So for us it is not a problem that La Nucia has no beach. . The car is surely the most important means of transport here. More and more you see people use a (electric) bike.

The sports village of the Costa Blanca.

La Nucía presents itself as a sports village. There is a huge sports complex ( where many sports can be practiced. The sports complex also attracts professional athletes from Spain and beyond. At the moment work has also started on the construction of a sports hotel, precisely to persuade athletes and entire sports teams to invest in a training camp here. Until now, those athletes had to take a hotel in Benidorm for example. In the near future they can stay in La Nucia.

The amenities of La Nucia.

There are also plenty of other facilities available, such as restaurants, supermarkets, a police station, two public primary schools and a public secondary school. There is also an Auditorium where concerts take place on regular basis. For foreign residents who are registered in the municipality, it is also possible to take Spanish lessons for free. In conclusion La Nucía is a great place to live and a nice village to take a look at as a tourist.

A small street, La Nucia
A typical street in the old town
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